The Saga of Timeless Indian Handicrafts

India has always been a county of rich culture and heritage. The traditional handicrafts have a major role to play. They have survived through the ages to remind the coming generations of their roots.

It is so wonderful to see that we are among one of the very few countries that acknowledge its legacy in the form of these handicrafts. The people are and have always been versatile beyond comprehension. The portrayals are preserved in various forms ranging from handmade paintings on canvas, pottery, woodwork, brass, and bamboo handicrafts and the list is never-ending.

If you go on to discussing each one in detail, it can take ages. The perfect blend of love, sacrifice, peace, harmony, motherhood, and life is beautifully presented if you pick any one of these paintings.

If I had to pick one, I would pick the iconic Bapuji(1930) by an artist from Shantiniketan, Nandlal Bose. Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution to India’s Independence has been immense, therefore immortalizing Gandhi through this beautiful painting is a token of love and respect for him.

Moving on let us talk about how these paintings look so full of life and story. Out of the numerous different styles, acrylic and the oil paint are the go-to choices for any artist. They blend in so perfectly, almost gives you the real feel. When an idea built up by a through is put on the white canvas, it begins the journey of eternal life. Artists are the birth gives of these handicrafts which survive even after the idea or person behind the painting passes away.

Did it ever occur to you as to why is this handmade painting on canvas still used to preserve memories where we have all the advanced means of capturing and preserving it?

A handmade oil painting on canvas has a greater lifespan than any photograph, real or virtual.  The photograph gets deteriorated over the years whereas the handmade oil painting on canvas lives longer than our expectations, that is, over 400 to 500 years. The detailing with the brushes and the clarity of the artist surpass any modern-day pixel theory. Every inch is filled with emotions. Hence, the outcome is the masterpiece we need.

Handicrafts have gained popularity in the urban market lately. The retro is the new cool. Therefore, people are rushing to grab the best of the collection for their personal usage. After all, handmade decors reflect a very personal and intimate gesture. They are being put in the museums, art galleries, walls of the homes and even the corporate world have experienced the taste of the. Handmade items are largely being used for personal use and gifting purposes. Nonetheless, the motive of keeping the handicrafts alive is becoming a success.

The art outlives the artist to tell his story to generations after generations. That is the beauty of it.