Everything You Need to Know About Text Symbol Faces

The trend of chatting as a means of communication has increased widely among teenagers and youngsters. And so, has usage of Lenny faces. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

What Are Text Symbol Faces?

Text symbol faces are the result of collective use of keys or signs given on the keyboard itself. For instance, a backslash () or an acute or a grave (`). These are just examples of it, many signs or keys are needed and used to make a symbol face.

What Are the Common Signs Used for Making Symbol Faces?

The most common symbols used for making these kinds of faces are:

– Brackets

– Degree Symbols

– Horizontal Ellipsis

– Acute

– Backslash

– Forward slash

– Inverted Glottal Stop.

These are some of the symbols used for making Text symbol faces.

What Are the Other Names of Lenny Faces?

The other names of the Lenny faces are text emoji, text symbol faces, and kaomoji emoticons.

What Are the Things One Should Keep in Mind While Creating a Lenny face?

Creating Lenny faces is not easy. It requires concentration and accuracy. Focus is the key that should be kept in mind while creating Lenny faces. However, the following are some of the steps that one must take to create these super amazing Lenny faces in a shorter period of time.

Turn the Number Lock-on

In most of the keyboards, Numpad is situated in the right corner. Now it is essential to turn that on if you desire to create a text symbol. You just simply have to press on the Num Lock and the green light will appear at the right top corner of the keyboard. That is the computer giving the sign that Num lock is turned on.


The foremost important keys needed to create these kinds of faces are Alanine Transaminase (ALT) and substitution of the hospital and other institutional-focused technology (Shift.) These keys are pressed along with the numbers, simultaneously whilst operating.

Know Unicode

Unicode Characters provides a unique number for every character, regardless of platforms, programs, or languages. And thus, they are like the secondary values to a certain button on the keyboard. To activate those Unicode characters, you need to press ALT + SHIFT as already mentioned above. And similarly, you also have to have the Num lock signaling green on the keyboard.

Thus, to type the Lenny faces, you need to follow these three vital steps. The absence of even one step will lead to the failure of creating emoji faces. And all the steps are to be performed simultaneously.

These are also some of the Frequently Asked Questions about text emojis. So, go through this, and you’ll be fully covered!

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